This is my third MVP Global Summit. It is the annual event with lots of insider information about new and exciting Microsoft technologies for all MVPs. Before 2 days from the event, I was there to adapt myself to the 9-hour jet lag between Redmond, where the summit took place, and Paris region, where I am based. The weather was like it was in summertime except for the last day (Friday) which was a little rainy. My flight was a direct flight from Paris to Seattle. It was a too long trip that I watched 4 movies on the plane.

As usual, I did my registration at the Hyatt hotel. It was near my hotel which the Westin, a nice hotel with an awesome staff. I only took the Sky Bridge on the second floor to go there. Most of the sessions that I attended were under NDA.


The Special MVP Coffee

I love taking my morning cappuccino from the awesome staff and using the 2D printer of MVP logo on the cream surface.


Unfortunately, there was a terrorist attack on 2 New Zealand mosques. Among the 50 victims, there was an MVP whose name is Atta Elyyan. I did not know him before but he has a strong impact on the Windows Phone community. Microsoft honored him by mentioning his outstanding contributions to the community. A minute of silence at the MVP Summit on behalf of fellow MVP Atta Elayyan who lost his life in the Christchurch massacre.


MVP celebration event

For about 550 sessions organized on the main days, 1975 MVPs and RDs were gathered this year.
During the celebration event, I met some MVPs and RDs for the first time. It is not the only opportunity to meet my peers of course during and between the sessions, in the hotel, in the bus, in the airport, in the same plane :-).


Memorable photo shoot between French MVPs

We, French MVPs, took together the following image group to memorize this great event.