ODP.NET Core and ODAC 12.2c R1 Update 1

The same day last week, I attended an Ask The Oracle Masters (or AskTOM for short) session, where you get definitive answers for your Oracle questions from experts that work directly on the database products within Oracle Corporation. The session was about ODP.NET Core and ODAC 12.2c R1 Update 1.

The webcast was presented by Christian Shy (christian.shay@oracle.com), .NET Product Manager at Oracle and Alex Keh (alex.keh@oracle.com), Senior Principal Product Manager from Oracle.

This is the first announcement update after the statement direction which I covered in a previous blog post. ODP.NET Core is currently in private beta. Wide beta availability is soon. Production is planned for CY Q3 2018. Ship in close is synched with ODAC 2018.


Question: Will there be any change to the release cadence for the .net providers (managed/unmanaged/.net core) or will there still be just a few per year as now, meaning relatively long lead time for bug fixes?

— For patches, customers should use My Oracle Support (MOS). MOS provides DB patches, including ODP.NET patches every couple of weeks or so. OTN ODP.NET releases are geared toward new features. That is why we release on OTN a few times per year instead of more often. The best way to think about this is:

  • OTN = new features
  • MOS = patches

This practice applies not just to ODAC, but all Oracle technology products as well.

Question: Are you thinking about open sourcing the ODP.NET Core?

Question: Does ODP.NET Core have any feature like DB monitor available in dotconnect?

Question: Is Oracle committed to .NET dates make me think you are not?

Question: Will the beta be available through nuget?

— Yes, a NuGet version will be available for beta.

Question: Any plans for Docker container support?

Question: Any changes to EF model generation speed? I've found its agreement? It seems like the ODN forums are not closely monitored and handled, and we're experiencing memory leaks that have been present for several versions. Any way to work with you to get these resolved/worked around? (unmanaged provider)

Question: NHibernate supports managed ora but itself is not on the core at least not yet

Question: support of complex type like MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY?

Question: Is there any plan to grow Oracle support team support for .NET? It seems to be just one person. Makes it hard to argue for allowing our product to use this technology more heavily.

Question: How many guys at Oracle are working on ODP.NET?

Question: What about entity framework? When will it be ready for the dotnet core?

Question: There is any beta test planning for EF Core?

Question: Can I use dotnet core with dotnet standard 2.1 with client odp?

Question: Does the tracing in managed / .NET Core driver record parameter values?

Question: SQL statement parameter values. Could that be added, please?

Question: Is unmanaged then going to become obsolete? no more updates/.core support?

Question: There is any beta test planning for EF Core?

Question: I think SQL parameter vales are supported with.NET Framework and we use it widely. Won't that support be there for .NET Core library?

Question: Is there a workaround or wrapper around for unmanaged in the .net core that you can share?

— There is no unmanaged ODP.NET for .NET Core.

Question: Are you talking about the SensitiveDataLoggin option in EF?

Question: Is the plan to also support EF Core 2.1 in beta (Q3)/prod?

Question: For next time - any advice on how to do Oracle Text-based full-text queries while using EF? I currently use a procedure to do that because you can't get EF to use that index.

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