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BuildVision Extension for Visual Studio

BuildVision is a Visual Studio extension to visualize the building process. It's my favorite extension. I recommend it for all .NET developers. You can grab the extension from the Visual Studio Gallery (latest release). All releases and pre-releases are available in Releases. Supports Visual Studio 2013, 2015, 2017. #BuildVision 2.1.0- Performance improvements- Warning indicators- UpToDate Hiding Feedback greatly appreciated!https://t.co/GKj9WOONCa— Stefan Kert 🇪🇺 (@StefanKert) October 21, 2017 Installation and startup Install the VSIX package and restart Visual Studio. Open BuildVision tool window from Main Menu: "View → Other Windows → BuildVision". Description BuildVision activates when Visual Studio starts the process of building, rebuilding or cleaning projects (solution). BuildVision tool window and Visual Studio Status Bar displays the...